demi lovato gave me a heart attack.

Happy Friday!  Happy March!  There is a LOT of things to celebrate today!

One of which is a new post!  I had so much fun writing my last post about Eleanor Calder, I thought it was time to do another celebrity inspired post!

So on that note, here we go!


Demi Lovato.  One of my favorite celebrities on the face of the planet.  Gorgeous, funny, talented and strong.

After returning from rehab, she has written a whole album of songs, plus her new single (check below!).  She has written about some deep and personal things in her recent album, Unbroken.  

I won't get into the nitty-gritty about her past, but I would like to say that she is extraordinarily strong and admirable.

Plus, her hairs been just about every color.  No joke.






And more!

Plus, she has the most gorgeous tattoos like on earth.  I'm not much of an ink kind of person, but her's are on my exception list.  I may do a post about my favorite tattoos in the future.  Would y'all like that?

Can we just take a moment to bask in the glories of her vocal abilities?  Please...

I love her new single, Heart Attack!  Check it out below. :)

Which of Demi's hair colors is your favorite.  I love them all, but I think mine would have to be the blue dip-dye in her Teen Vogue cover!

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Much Love!


(P.S.  All images were from my Pinterest board.) 



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