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I thought that I would take today to write about something I love dearly.  Anthem Lights.

You're probably really confused right now.  What is Anthem Lights? Should I 'x' out of this page?  HOLD IT. DON'T YOU DARE. Although, I can't exactly stop you.  Hmmm.

Let me answer your questions.

Anthem Lights Q and A

Q:  Who/what is this Anthem Lights you speak of?
A:  Well, they're actually a band.

Q:  What do they sing about?
A:  Well, they sing really different, inspiring songs about God. They're contemporary Christian artists.

Q:  So who's in the band?
A:  Ahh, my favorite question.  I'll insert a pictre below.  From left to right ~ Chad Graham, Caleb Grimm, Alan Powell, Joey Stamper. 

Q:  So what's so special about them?
A:  Aside from the fact that their voices are downright flawless, their songs carry a great message.  Also, they do YouTube covers of popular songs.

Q:  So can I be a lightbulb (an Anthem Lights fan)?
A: OF COURSE <3 nbsp="">


Like Don't You Worry Child by The Sweedish House Mafia?  Check out their latest cover!

Like One Direction?  Check out this cover!

Like the oldie This I Promise You by 'NSYNC? Try this one!

Like the Biebs?  They did a cover of him too.

Prefer origional music?  They've got PLENTY of that as well.

Go check around their YouTube channel when you get the chance.  You will NOT regret it!  Even if you aren't Christian...

Much Love!




  1. Ahhhh I love them! Caleb is following me on Twitter XD



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