My Blog.

Well, there's not much to say.  There's me.  There's my spastic brain.  And then there's this medium between us.  My computer.

I can't tell you what will appear on the home screen or how long I'll be here.  My mind doesn't work like that.  It's stuck on 'wing it' mode 99% of the time.


With the whole world telling me what I should look like, be like, and do with my life, everything gets hectic.  It gets easier and easier to succumb to their 'advice' and fall for their lies.

It becomes difficult to stay an individual, but I feel that staying unique is so very important.

There are only fragments of the world that are left so carefree.  I want this blog to emphasize them.  I want them to be noticed.  I want all of the smiles to be remembered.

I want to post about things that make me happy.  That could range anywhere from pictures of my dog to a new fashion trend to even just my cup of tea that morning.

The simple things are the things that make life so enjoyable.  If you live only for the big things, you'll miss out on so much.

So pour yourself a drink and take a look around.

I hope I can brighten your day.

Much Love!




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