st. patrick's ootd.

Happy Leprechaun Awareness Day!!!  I'm not sure of the whole backstory behind St. Patrick and stuff, so I'm just going to stick with leprechaun awareness.

I was really craving some green eggs and ham to celebrate, but I used up all the food coloring trying to make something last month (I should add that it failed, epically).  

However, I did decide that I should post an OOTD for this fine holiday.

Oh my goodness do you guys remember when you were in like kindergarten and the leprechaun would visit your classrooms and mess it all up?  And then the teachers would be all "Oh no!  The classroom!" 

But it was okay because he colored the toilets green and gave us candy.  That was a fun day :).

Since today is St. Patrick's day, I went with the whole green theme.  I am not getting pinched today! 

 OMG my eyes look blue in that picture.  Just fyi, they're hazel, not blue. 

Kisses for all!  I still have these from Valentines Day!  They match my room, so it's all good...

Did you like the outfit?  I love the top with the gold details and sheer mint green fabric.  Paired with the white studded shorts, these would really bring out a tan.  That is, IF I had a tan.

The colors are great for Spring!  I usually couldn't pull this off in March, but it was actually 75 degrees outside.  Don't worry, I didn't freeze.

Thanks for the love!  Don't forget to follow and all that jazz.  I love y'all and will talk to you soon!

Much Love!




  1. Beautiful outfit. the weather in canada is pretty drab. Wish it was nicer :P


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