smile, it's good for you.

(I gots me some bunny ears)

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one on this planet that is a morning person.  I swear, the whole entire church congregation was not happy to be there this morning.  Okay, I take that back.  I was happy to be there.

So, now that we have more daylight in the world and we lost an hour, our lives can resume.


So I made you all a list of some reasons to smile.  I know today or sometime this week there will be negative energy trying to get all up in your business.  But hey...

You gotta be like "NO GURL.  Not today!" and take the high road. Just walk away and have a laugh somewhere else.

Did that make sense?  Didn't think so.


Here we go.

1.  Thorn bushes have roses.

2.  Bath & Body Works just came out with spring scents (you have my full permission to leave this post and get me a hand sanitizer).

3.  We are one day closer to summer.

4.  Every pencil comes with a free eraser.

5.  Cinderella found her Prince Charming.

6.  There is always a cuter cat picture.

7.  One Direction breathes the same air as you.

8.  No one can stop you from googling (is that a word?) your homework.

9.  I won't judge you.

10.  Smile never goes out of style.

Stay stylish and keep smiling, my friends.

Much Love!


P.S.  Do y'all have anything you want me to blog about?  I've been slacking in that department and need to get the brain juices juicing (you know what I mean).



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