spring break essentials.

*Note. At the end of this post, I'm going to include an 'update', so to speak, of the schedule for over spring break.*


Sometimes I pretend I'm really country...

I'm currently on my spring break and yesterday when I was packing I thought it would be a good idea to create an essentials post.  My room was a mess at this point while I was frantically shoving things in my suitcase.

I'm not much for packing ahead of time.

SOOOO here we go!

1.  Nail Polish.

Goodness, I just realized I have not painted my toes in absolutely FOREVER.  I'm very much looking forward to having my toes all polished and fancy. 

2. Sunglasses.

Ya know, the sun is usually out in the Spring.  Unless you're here in the middle of a freaking cold front.  I'm hoping it'll get a bit warmer so I can rock these.

3. Lovely Reading Material 

Okay guys, I have to admit, I'm back to reading teen fiction. I'M SORRY. I'm just too weak.  The plots.  The romance.  The large font.  I've missed it.

4.  My Favorite Swimsuit.

Do you likeeeee?  I'm in love with this suit.  I forgot how much I love this thing.  At the end of summer last year I bought this suit {it was on sale} and wore it like twice.  It's just so beautiful.


I promise you, it's exciting.

I'm vlogging on break! YAYYY! Want the deets {is that how you spell that}?  Okay, I'll spill it.

I'm out of town on vacation and am planning on filming a bit each day.  At the end, I'm compiling the footage and posting on my YouTube channel.

Actually if you like the video, let me know and I may continue making videos.  I don't have the most erm fantastic camera, but I'm making it work...

Here's a sneak peak.

Much Love!




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