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Hi!  I'm so glad you've come across my blog. My name is Sydney, and I'm a senior in high school.  I've been running this blog for many many years (please spare yourself and don't look too far back), but have just recently decided to put it into full swing again. 

Instead of a long, boring about me section I've decided to just list a few things I love (in no particular order). That should do the trick!

I love... 

  1.  Jesus!

  2.  My family & friends

  3.  My lovely and supportive boyfriend 

  4.  The vegan lifestyle

  5.  Anything and everything outdoors

  6.  Long summer days

  7.  Summer fruits (another watermelon, please!)

  8.  Playing the piano

  9.  Yoga sessions

 10.  The beach

 11.  Trashy YA fiction

 12.  Reading trashy YA fiction while sitting on the beach

 13.  Cooking and baking (and eating)

 14.  Loud music

 15.  You!

I hope you decide to stick around!

Much love,



email: nowastedbreath@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/syd_schamay
instagram: instagram.com/sydneyschamay
pinterest: pinterest.com/sydneyschamay



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