peach + blueberry cobbler: go to a farmer's market

Hi, lovely reader! You’re in for a treat today (no, its not a slice of pie…but you’re getting warmer!).  Today I am sharing with you my adventures at the farmer's market along with some pictures of a peach + blueberry cobbler I made from the produce we got.

Sadly, there will be no recipe today.  I was planning to use this post to check off “perfect a recipe” on my bucket list, but the recipe didn’t come out the best.  However, it did make for some drool-worthy pictures.  

Hopefully in the future I will be able to perfect a different recipe and share that one, but for today here’s what we’re working with… I hope you can forgive me!

This past Saturday my lovely mother and I spent the morning together around town soaking in all the local love.  First, we headed to the launch of BodyFlow 73 at our YMCA.  BodyFlow is a Les Mills group exercise class that combines Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates for a workout that's both relaxing and challenging (something I didn't know was possible until BodyFlow).  I feel like a spokeswoman for this class as I've raved about it time after time to friends and family.  It's totally worth a try if you enjoy group exercise or want to try out something new!

This release was full of great songs and was one of my personal favorites in the time I've been taking this class (probably a little more than a year now).

Following our workout we decided to visit some of the venders at a small local farmers market in the area.  It's only a few miles from the gym, so it was a very convenient stop.  I was looking for some fruit, and I found these beautiful berries.  There were lots of veggies to choose from as well, but the only thing I found to put in a cobbler were these. 

So it was off to another farmers market (not pictured) we went!  At the second market, we got a whopping 4.5 pounds of fresh peaches.  I was content.

Here they are in all their golden peachy glory.  Raw.  Bare.  I do love a good peach.

A few days later I cut these bad boys up and prepped them to be ready to be tossed with spices and sugars galore!  It was time to get the cobbler started.

I had a special guest come visit me to be my personal assistant/recipe scribe/ben & jerry's supplier (thank you preston if you read this!).  Here he is being a handsome little goof helping to show off my new package of coconut sugar.  Little tip for making ultra rich desserts: use coconut sugar for a caramel flavor that is even stronger than brown sugar.  I'm a sucker for new ingredients and think just about any health food is exciting, but you have to give this one a try.

LOOK AT THAT.  This is probably one of the best food pics I've ever taken.  The lighting and editing finally does these gorgeous fruits some justice.

 I know what you're thinking.  Sydney... this isn't the most flattering picture.  And that smile isn't exactly the most convincing.  Well you'd be right.  These are both very true statements and the reason I included this picture isn't either of them.  This picture is actually to aid in telling the story of what happened right before this picture was taken.  

So at this point in the cobbler making/photo taking process, I was very ready to just shove this thing in the oven.  I'd spent too much time sprinkling cinnamon and coming up with a topping dough recipe to even care how the final product looked.  I just wanted a few minutes of rest.  However, Preston, as my wonderful assistant (no sarcasm there. this is in no way his fault. seriously.), decided that I needed a picture with my masterpiece.  So, he snatched the camera out of my coconut oil-greased hands and told me to, you know, kneel down near the cobbler and look like I was enjoying myself.  So me being the absent minded frenzied baker I am decided it would be a good idea to tilt the cobbler towards the camera (i'm talking more than 45 degrees) as one might do with a birthday cake so that the camera could pick up the cobbler's detail.  

Now I'm sure you can guess where this is going.  I smiled for the picture, but before it was snapped I noticed that, well, my cobbler was falling out of the dish.  I don't know why I was convinced that cobbler didn't follow the same rules of gravity as every other baked good, but there I was with a quarter of my cobbler plopped ever so gracefully onto the island top.  In a defeated mess, I begrudgingly picked up my cobbler and fixed my mess. I will have to give credits to Preston on this one, however.  If it wasn't for him making me get over my spilt cobbler, I may very well still be a sad mess on the floor crying out that "my life is over."  Yes, it was overdramatic. No, it probably won't be the last time I react that way.

After my invisible tears were wiped and my dignity strapped back on like a raggedy old apron, clinging for dear life, I took this kind of sad picture.

End of story.

So here it is.  All in one piece and shining like the big glistening cobbler it always wanted to be when it grew up.

And here is it plated.  Yes, intentionally out of the glassware this time.

And here's the man who just keeps saving the day.  I think I'm gonna need to keep him around.

Thank you for reading today's entry, and let me know how you enjoyed this style of blog post as well as these pictures.  I really enjoyed photographing them, and was very content with the finished product.  Do you feel the same? Different? Leave a comment!

Until I blog again!  I hope your summer days stay fresh and fruity.

Much love, 

Sydney x



  1. Hey Sydney,
    Great job on the cobbler and the pictures! Enjoyed the blog!
    Love you bunches!
    Always a fan,
    Aunt Jo Jo


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