ear cuffs.

Why, hello! Thanks for dropping by and catching up!  

After coming home from school early (roughly 12pm) for some snow advisories, I've been catching up on some work and relaxing.  I mean who doesn't want to spend their Friday nights curled up watching Netflix?  Well, I know I'd do it any day! :)

I'm in the middle of Breakfast at Tiffany's and I'm quite enjoying it.  It's an interesting story so far.

It's a bit of a break from my recent obsession with Prison Break.  Don't ask. I don't even know.


Well anyway... let's carry on with the post.

For today's entry I am sharing one of my personal favorite fashion trends.  The ear cuff.

I don't know what it is about the ear cuff that I love so much.  It's not something that I ever thought I would get into.  It's a little edgy for my taste.

I think I like the fact that it looks like you have a cartilage piercing, but you don't.  Sneaky, huh? ;)

Paired with a comfy sweater, I don't look too much like I could give someone a black eye.  I look like a girl with an ear cuff.  Wow Sydney, good job. 

I found this one at Forever 21 and loved it (it was also the only one they had... )!  I think the tribal print detailing works with any kind of outfit!  Also, the long silver chain and triangle stud sold me. 

Excuse the above picture.  I can be a nut with a camera sometimes.  Someone needs to take it away from me.  Actually scratch that, I'd probably throw a tantrum.

I've seen these handmade before and think that they are so cute! I'll leave a little gallery below of some other adorable ones that I don't own.

Would you ever wear an ear cuff?

Much Love!




  1. I saw you on LC forum so I came to see your blog, let me tell you that you´ve done a great job with it, please come visit and if you like it it would be great if we could follow each other here or socials, what do you think? To support each other… let me know ok!

    1. Thank you! That's so nice of you to say! It would be so nice to have a new follower! I'll be sure to check out your blog!

      Sydney x


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