Beach week 1: mini golf

Happy summer everyone!  I have for you the second blog post in my summer bucket list series.  This one is to cross off mini golfing!

My family and I arrived at the beach for our weeklong vacation on the coast.  It is actually the first of two beach trips I will be taking this summer (crazy, I know!).  I am luckily also going to be spending another week at the beach during July 4th with my boyfriend Preston's family!  I'm sure I'll have a whole separate post on those adventures.

Under the lights of the course, my brother and I played one of the most intense matches of our lives (which is saying a lot since he is an actual golf player). 

With my two hole in ones in a row, Bryce was getting a little wigged out. I had a leg up on him and by the 9th hole everything was tied up.  Sadly, I gave up my lead and the win as Bryce took over on the back nine.  Truly tragic (but still pretty fun I will admit). 

We had LOTS of fun in the sun as we went to the beach each day and spent lots of time in the company of the ocean. 

I'm so glad you could join me in my completion of my first item on the bucket list.  Here's to many more!

Much love,




  1. Hey Sydney,
    I SO love all your pictures!! The one of Bryce driving and Buddy with his sunglasses is so funny! LOL! I love how you captured the memories of your beach trip. Keep sharing!

    Love you bunches!

    Always a fan,
    Aunt Jo Jo


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