styling valentines curls.

Aloha my gorgeous friends!  I hope you are all doing well.  Today I did something amazing.  I set up a printer.  A wireless fancy one.  I'm pretty proud of it.  My brain is still throbbing, actually. 

Guess what, yall?! It's so close to Valentines Day.  Let's happy dance together!  One, two, three GO!!


Alright, now that we've got that out of our system, I feel it's in order to take a look at why you are probably here.  The post.

I've prepared three different looks to spice up your curls!  I hope you enjoy!


What You Need:

*1 inch curling iron
*Heat Protectant
*Bobby Pins

To curl my hair I just sprayed my hair with heat protectant and wrapped it around the barrel in small sections.  I didn't use the clamp for this look.

After curling, I applied hairspray and combed through the curls with my fingers.  This makes it more relaxes and natural looking!

Look 1: The Simple Bow

To get this look I just pulled pieces from each side of my hair and bobby pinned them to the back of my hair.  I added a blue bow for a girly touch.

Look 2:  The Twisted Side Braid

After adding a pouf to the top of my head, I twisted the rest of my hair tightly on one side.  When the elastic secures it, the braid loosens.  I also pulled out a curled piece on one side to frame my face!

Look 3:  The Subtle Braid

Leaving the pouf in my hair, I added a braid to one side.  I think this is my favorite, since it is the most casual!  Which was your favorite?

I've found this cute little song to go along with my post!  If you used to read my blog posts, I would add a song to the end and wrap it all up.  I missed doing it, so here is "I Wanna Fall In Love" by Tim Halperin.

Here's to Love :)

Much Love!




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