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If you don't make work enjoyable, it's just work.

Don't make work work. Add music.


The iPod Makeover #1

So when I do run, I absolutely must have music.  I mean who doesn't?  It helps you keep a steady pace.  It encourages you.  It makes the tough things a little bit easier.

After having the same playlist for a while, it gets a little boring.  That's why I like to spice things up a bit and add some new songs to my collection.

Recently, I've had to mix up my running playlist.

Want to know what I've been running to?


1.  Give Me Your Hand ~ The Ready Set

2.  Say You're Just A Friend ~ Austin Mahone

3.  Hall of Fame ~ The Script (A Favorite!)

4.  One Way Or Another ~ One Direction

*This is actually a cover of the original Blondie song (also amazing!).  It is a charity single for Red Nose Day, that supports vaccination for kids who can't afford it. 

5.  Heart Skips A Beat ~ Olly Murs  

What kinds of tunes do you run to?  As you can see I like pop :)

Much Love!




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