notd: february lovin'

First of all, y'all (hey! that rhymed!) are amazing.  1,000 page views made my day.  No joke.  I can't imagine 1,000 clicks of a button to view my page.  It means soo much to me!

School was cancelled today and I'm actually about to go to the mall with my friend!  We have a dress code at school (collard shirt, khaki pants) but we still love going and window shopping. Next year when I go to high school it will be so great to wear normal clothes!

I thought today I'd do a quick nail of the day.  I painted my nails last night while Skyping and thought they turned out well!

Wanna seeeeee? Of course you do!

I'm kind of in love with the whole "ring-finger-different-color" trend.  I've been doing that a lot lately and thought I should mix it up a bit and add a thumb.

I used this Nicole by OPI color and Love and Beauty one from Forever 21.

Hope you enjoyed!

Much Love!




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