When I saw this trending on Twitter this morning, I thought it was the perfect thing to blog about. 

With the New Year quickly approaching, there are definitely some old habits that need to hit the road. Like, pronto.  Let's make a list, shall we?


* #In2013NoMore worries.

Life is too stressful as is.  Don't put yourself through things that should be left in the past.  Let go.  Hakuna Matata :)

* #In2013NoMore insecurity.

Yeah, I know you think you're not as _fill in the blank_ as her, but do I believe you?  No.  You are a beautiful being.  You are a Child of God!!

* #In2013NoMore regret.

Today is a new day filled with new adventures.  Get out there and do what you love, for the love of it.

* #In2013NoMore procrastination

Do you really want to do it tomorrow either?  Do yourself a favor and do it today!

* #In2013NoMore laziness.

I've heard all of your excuses.  I've used them all too.  But tell me, what can you gain from being lazy?  Each day is a gift from God.  Don't disappoint.


These are just a few of my personal goals.  Feel free to steal a couple for yourself.  Have a goal that you think I missed?  Leave a comment!

I'm planning on doing a few more New Years themed posts soon, so look out for those!

I hope you enjoyed today's post!  Don't forget to follow my blog, so you don't miss a thing!

Much Love!




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