top winter polishes.


So I am pretty much in love with painting my nails.  It just makes me feel so...complete, you know?

Theres no better way to top off a look from head to toe than painting your nails a new color!

Not only is it lovely when applied, but so relaxing to do!  I often spend my weeknights waiting for my coats of polish to dry after compleating the night's homework.  

Today I'm going to show you my top three winter nail polishes for this season.  Keep in mind I'm no pro at describing colors!

The first color I have is called Revlon Red.  It is probably the most flawless classic red I own.  I think not only is this a very wearable color, and it works almost any time of year.  I do tend to wear it in the cooler months, as it is a darker color.


The second color I have actually doesn't have a name ~ SORRY!!  It is a dark gray color with gold undertones.  I think this is just flipping gorgeous!!  

I got this in a set for Christmas from Forever 21 and their Love and Beauty makeup line.


The last one is a really pretty icy blue color called Love Nails.  This one reminds me a lot of the snow and frosty weather.  It's from Sinful Colors, a line at the drugstore. 

In fact, I'm going to be doing my nails again tomorrow.  Which one of my top three polishes should I use?

Much Love!




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