fresh start facials.

I can already tell, today is going to be stressful.  With 6 tests this week that I need to start studying for, I'm in dire need of some relaxation.

I woke up this morning really wanting to have a little pampering session before working my butt of for the next like 7 hours.  As you may know, I believe with all my heart that even a little bit of relaxing does wonders.

I love giving myself any kind of manicure, facial or bubble bath.  Like sleep, it breaks me apart from the world for a little bit.

The reason I call this post a 'fresh start facial' is because during the New Year season, it's always nice to sit down and give yourself a fresh start.  Some people want to change how they look or act, but I like to change how I feel.  I do it to make me happier!

Want to know how to try this really simple facial??  It's a little sticky! You mustn't be afraid :)

All you need is two ingredients - honey and lemon juice (an organic option works best).

Pouring a generous amount of each into a bowl, (you don't have to be precise) mix the two together.

Slap it on that beautiful face of yours and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes.  Your face should be soft and smell sweet.

HINTS:  1. Take a hot shower beforehand to open your pores!
2. Pull up all your hair in a bun to keep it away from the sticky honey.


See how simple it is?? Using even the simplest of ingredients, this facial is perfect for moisturizing for the cold and dry months. It is a smooth cleanser that reduces redness.  It is one of my favorite.

While letting it sit, listen to a few of these songs.  I love listening to some music to create a soothing environment.

Recognize any of these tunes??

Want to know the cool thing?  Once you've listened to all these songs, your facial is ready to remove!  I've got you all set!  Care to try it out?

Tell me about your favorite way to 'freshen up' for the New Year in the comments below!  I would love to know!

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Much Love!




  1. Ooh I've tried this before, and I also added yoghurt and oats once too!
    Followed :)
    Katie xx


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