let it snow

Today it snowed.  Today I missed school.  Today I am happy.  That's pretty much how my life works :)

Instead of taking endless midterms, I played in the snow.  It was a nice plot twist.

Plus, I don't have to go back to school until Wednesday.  SCORE!

You know that weird neighbor that always takes pictures of herself outside on snow days? That would be me.  Snow selfies are the best!!! 

I woke up this morning to one of the most magical sights. Living in the south, we don't get a whole lot of snow.  We get rain and mud.  Only on the most special of days do we get this white goodness.

After waking up to a nice big breakfast of english muffins, berries and sausage, we headed outside. 

My little boo bear doesn't know what to think... :)

The day was complete with warm chocolate chip cookies!  Is it snowing where you live?  As I write this, most of the snow is melting.  Sad, but true.

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Much Love!




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    1. Thanks for the sweet comment! Your blog looks amazing! I''ll definitely give you a follow :)


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