Hello again and welcome back to my most anticipated post of the year! Today, I'm happily kicking off the Summer Bucket List with a hot off the press, brand spankin' new 2017 edition (*throws confetti*)!! Get ready for lots of exciting SBL-themed posts and updates coming at you each week.

If you’ve never seen one of these posts from me and don’t know how the list works, basically, the goal is to complete and blog about each of these items on the list as I check them off.  Want to see how much progress I've made? Return to this post often to see what I've checked off. I also encourage you to subscribe via email on the sidebar to get updated when I post so that you’ll never miss an adventure!

To update you on life currently: I took my final final exam yesterday morning and since then have been living in summer bliss, patiently waiting for graduation to mark the official end to my high school career.  Let me tell you, senior year has been crazy and as much as I’ll remember the good things that came from it, I’m more than ready to close this chapter of my life. With the festivities of graduation upon us, it'll be so great to be able to visit with family and celebrate these last 12+ years I've spent as a student.

In honor of the new beginnings, changes, and transition periods I will be opening myself up to over the next several months, I wanted to bring a theme to this year’s bucket list. This summer is all about one simple phrase.  Three words, four syllables.  Follow Your Fears.

The idea came from an inspired thought I've toyed with recently. Many people in this life will tell you to face your fears, but not many will tell you to drop everything and follow them.  But why would I want that for you? Why would I push you to bend, break, and make yourself vulnerable to your fears?  Because that, my friends, is where the change happens.  That’s where mindsets are changed, lives are changed, and you find your most authentic self.  Just think about the parts of you that will never be discovered if you let yourself exist only in comfort!

I feel like a lot of people today live in their own little bubbles, accepting the fears that hold them in their current situation, whether that be a toxic friendship, a bad attitude, or just a mindset that refuses to try new things.  This particular phrase is timely for me in particular because these next few months in preparation for college will be spent coming to terms with the fact that my entire existence is about to flip upside down.  However, this truly can be applied to any point in life.  There will always be things right outside of your current reach that, because of fear or worry, become lost as dreams.

Well, this is your excuse to make them happen.  Write that book, start that blog, pour yourself into a craft or hobby, reach out to old friends, go on an adventure.  Whatever it is that scares you, (with obvious caution) follow it.

These annual summer bucket lists reflect that same message in my own life.  They push me to take my camera new places, reach out to new people, overcome obstacles, and focus on my passions. This year's post in particular includes, along with some classic SBL items, things that scare me. Things that were hard to even write about doing, much less actually doing. However, I know that it will be the challenging items that stretch me and push me, growing me into the person I know I can become. So, without further ado, behold this year’s Summer Bucket List.

  1. Have a classic picnic date
  2. Set off a firework myself
  3. Cook a whole meal on the grill
  4. Watch the sunrise and sunset…on the same day
  5. Go electronics-free for 3 days
  6. Grow something new
  7. Pick fruit
  8. Go to a baseball game
  9. Attend an outdoor concert
  10. Tube down a river
  11. Find a waterfall
  12. Have a backyard movie night
  13. Visit a water park
  14. Bike the VA creeper trail
  15. Try a DIY project
  16. Explore a new city
  17. Spend a day on the lake
  18. Cross state lines
  19. Try stand up paddle boarding
  20. Make a fruity drink
  21. Take a lighthouse tour
  22. Hammock in strange places
  23. Visit Elevation Church’s main campus
  24. Get a henna tattoo
  25. Try a new type of food
  26. Make a meal from entirely from farmers market ingredients
  27. Relocate the blog
  28. Start a business
  29. Summit a mountain
  31. Cook a huge family dinner
  32. Design and host an event
  33. Go thrifting
  34. Run a 5k
  35. Practice self love
  36. Train for a triathalon
  37. Volunteer
  38. Learn something new
  39. Flip off of a rope swing
  40. Make a Freshman Year Bucket List (!!)
Feel free to take this idea into your own life and commit to a few of your own bucket list items for the summer!  It doesn’t have to be strict or formal, but it could be an exciting challenge and a push out of your comfort zone. 

Wishing you all a summer full of love, happiness, and overcome fears.

Much Love,



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