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It is finished.  The final words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and, well, me.  13 years have passed since I first stepped into my kindergarten classroom, only 6 years old and violently clinging to my mother's leg. A lot has changed since that day. I've gotten significantly taller, learned more about the world than I ever knew possible, and have even managed to make a few adult decisions regarding the future.

However, it would be a flat out lie to sit here and write to you as if I had walked across that graduation stage all by myself. Even on that final walk, as things often come full circle, I was holding onto my mother's leg. I gripped the hands of my aunts and uncles, was pushed (almost toppled) by my brother, lifted by my grandparents, and cheered on by the many, many others who have played such an important role in my life. Because really, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have gotten there. I wouldn't have finished my elementary school projects, my middle school readings, or even gotten through the late night high school studying without them. And while I'll never say no to a toast for successes, I'm not a fool enough to think that I deserve the clanking glasses and cheers more than any other person who has raised me.

This celebration was for all of us.

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And a celebration we sure had!  As well as being able to check of the "host your own event" box on my Summer Bucket List, I wanted to put together a celebration as beautiful and as special as each of my family members.  Thankfully, from lunch to cake, everything ran smoothly.  The decorations were hung, the appetizers served, and we all came together.

It was so wonderful to spend the day with family and friends for the first time as a high school alum.  I know I'm beyond blessed to have such a wonderfully supportive family both close to home and who make long travels to come for me.  These people are those who I know, in every season, will love and support me.  No matter which career I choose or how many more diplomas I receive, they are sure to follow me, care for me, and shower me with love.

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So, from the recent grad, thank you.  Thank you for being a part of this crazy adventure each step of the way. We did it!!

As always, much love,



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