wonderstruck ~ a review.

I'll admit, I let out a little scream when I opened up this baby on Christmas day!  I had been wanting this perfume for ages now and couldn't wait to wear it.

So today, I'm giving my thoughts/opionions on Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume.  This was my first perfume ~ ever.  I've had all those good body splashes a girl collects over the years from Bath & Body Works, but nothing like this.

To begin with, can we just admire the packaging?  The larger size has charms attached to the topper, but my smaller size doesn't. I love the purple bottle and gold writing.  The detailing on the topper is adorable as well.  I love having the perfume on display in my room.

Oh, and it smells flawless.  It's such a nice daytime scent that works perfect for school.  I love how long it lingers on the skin (I could seriously wear it 2-3 days without reapplying).

I've been wearing it lots lately and have gotten loads of complements.  It's a very feminine and classic perfume with a hint of sweetness.

I know that Taylor has come out with a new perfume, but I honestly wanted this one more!  It is such a gorgeous scent.

Also, who doesn't love Taylor Swift?! 

What is your favorite Taylor Swift song?  What has been your favorite perfume lately?  Leave it below!

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  1. I love Wonderstruck, too, when I'm in the mood for something super sweet and girly. :)

    Just posted a perfume review on my new blog. Check it out.




    1. I compleatly agree. I'm a little obsessed, not gonna lie :) I could probably take a bath in that stuff!

      I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the follow!

      Sydney x


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