What I Eat // 1

So what do I eat as a plant based vegan?  It might be most helpful to show you some of my meals.  Keep in mind that I eat simply.  Not every meal is some elaborate dish with exotic vegan ingredients you've never heard of.  I haven't even had tofu yet! (excuse my poor iPhone photography skills)


Normally for breakfast I will have a big bowl of oatmeal (and by big bowl I mean 1 cup of dry oats so however much that is in cooked oats) with almond milk, a sweetener, and fresh fruit.  Occasionally I will have banana ice cream (aka frozen bananas put in a food processor until they're the consistency of soft serve).  "Nicecream" is my absolute favorite vegan food.  You would not believe how sweet and creamy it is - and its only bananas!  I'm also a big fan of super sweet green smoothies.  They are such fun to have when all your fruit is ripe.

Green smoothies are staples.

Yes, vegans eat pancakes.

There's oatmeal somewhere under that kiwi.

How to not catch a cold - citrus.

More kiwi + oats. Can't get enough.

Nicecream galore!

Breakky on the go!

Smoothies during exam week. Fast. Energizing.

Overnight oats.  My first vegan meal - Jan. 1st *tears*


I tend to have leftovers of dinner for lunch.  If I'm packing my lunch I will also add as much fresh fruit as I can into a tupperware.  I'll also take a fig bar, larabar, or whatever little vegan treat I have made (currently its homemade granola bars!).  Dinners usually consist of a starch paired with steamed veggies or on a bed of fresh greens.  I love making white potatoes into fries (without added salt or oil), cooking up jasmine rice (I literally have a 5 lb bag of that stuff #veganproblems), baking sweet potatoes or making brown rice pasta with homemade tomato sauce.  Its all so delicious and filling.

Corn pasta.  All for me!  Keep it carbed.

Food for thought.

My first time making vegan pizza - could use a little work.

These granola bars are the BOMB.

Mommy's little vegan meal.

Roots and shoots.


Stuffed sweet potatoes.

Sprouts, rice and shrooms.

Stuffed peppers.  No cheese, no problem.

Soups have been an essential.


I drink a LOT of water.  I make sure to get in 2-3 liters daily to maintain optimal hydration.  Since I eat such a high fiber and high cooked food diet, its important to keep things moving and stay hydrated.  It helps keep my skin clear as well.


Thank you for having a read and stay tuned for more recipes and things to come!

Much Love,
Sydney xx



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