let's catch up

Happy July Fourth Week!!! Are you excited to see this week's bucket list?  Me too!  It's in the works and will be up on my YouTube channel TOMORROW!  I'll have the link right here when I get it situated.  Are you ready?

So, I thought that we should catch up, author to reader.  It's only rarely that you see more to my life than what I wear on my nails or what foundation I apply.  So, I wanted to kind of make this a regular thing about every month where I take you through the past few weeks and share what has been happening.

Want to see?


It's been raining cats and dogs.

 I've been feeling artsy lately.

Arriving at the beach - what a relief!

You know, I've always loved New York.

Diet Pepsi with a vintage feel.

I hope you're having an amazing summer and I'll see you tomorrow!

Much Love!




  1. Enjoyed the pics... hope you're having a good time!

    Love you,
    Joni : )


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