Summer Bucket List 2015

Welcome back to my favorite blog series in the entire world!  The summer bucket list is back and better than ever with 15 brand new items that will rock your socks.

If you're not familiar with the summer bucket list series I do here, this is how it works.  I make a list and then go out and make these things happen.  Afterwards, I report back to my blog and either check things off or make a post about my experience (provided there are enough photos and stories).

Each item with a post will be hyperlinked as the posts come out.  Stay updated by returning to this page periodically or getting email updates for my blog.  Either way, I hope you enjoy and make the most out of your summer!

Check out the rad list below:

1. Plant a herb garden.
2. Attend a midnight movie premiere.
3. Eat a whole watermelon.
4. Go fruit picking.
5. Make a dreamcatcher.
6. Bike the Virginia Creeper Trail
7. Watch a sunrise and sunset on the same day.
8. Perfect a dessert recipe.
9. Go to a concert.
10. Go camping.
11. Go to a amusement/water park.
12. Finish the Harry Potter series.
13. Complete a huge puzzle.
14. Visit the farmer's market.
15. Give blood.

Much love,

Sydney x



  1. Hey Sydney,

    This is a great list! Looking forward to hearing about them!

    Love you sweet niece,
    Joni : )


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