how to get into the christmas spirit

I think it's just about time we take a break from studying for exams and finishing up projects to fill our homes with Christmas spirit.  Whether it takes a new sweater or a big cup of hot chocolate to get you in the spirit, I encourage you to do it.  Sometimes, it's hard to just jump from Thanksgiving straight into Christmas, but I'm here to help you make a smooth transition.  Here's some of my tips!

1.  Start with a tree

Whether your family goes to a farm to pick out a tree or sticks with the old fake one in your attic (that is us), decorating the tree is probably the best part of the holiday - aside from Christmas morning, that is.  Take out all of those dusty ornaments and make your house look FAB. 

2.  Change the station

Even before December, I have the radio set on Christmas music.  It's hard to resist when you know it's on.  I think I love Christmas music so much because my middle name is Carol.  It's just fate.  No matter what you're up to, a little Michael Buble Christmas music never hurt (I'm pretty sure his album is still 6.99 or iTunes like WHAT).  I'll leave my favorite tune below!

3.  Holiday lights

Take a ride one night this week and look at all the Christmas lights.  If you have a neighborhood that gets all decked out, definitely pay them a visit.  Turn up the radio and make it a family event.  We do this sporadically throughout the season after coming back from dinner.  It's a whole lot of fun.  

Oh, and you might even have a lights festival in your area.  We go to one every year and drive through all the lights.  They even have a place to roast s'mores and buy hot chocolate.  Oh, and you can buy all the Moravian gingerbread cookies your little heart desires.

4.  Christmas movies

My family surprisingly hasn't been all over ABC's 25 Days of Christmas this year.  I love all the movies during this time of year - How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a favorite! It really brings me back to when I was little.  If you want the whole list, I have it below ;)

5.  Attend a service

Something that always gets me ready for the birth of Christ is attending church.  I have recently been going every Sunday for a couple of months - something I haven't done in a while.  If you ever need a good Christmas pick-me-up you can always attend a service during the advent season.  The churches are filled with decorations and the good news of Christ's birth!  If you can't make it to church, definitely check out some sermons from your computer.  I'll leave one that I love below for you to check out some time.

Obviously, this is just a start.  There are so many more things you can do (gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies, watching vlogmas videos, wrapping presents, etc.) to get in the spirit.  

I hope you have an amazing start to your holiday season.  I'll talk to you in my next post!

Love you bunchesss.

Sydney Carol



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