July 4th: Day In Pictures & OOTD

Come along with me and see all the pretty sights!  After getting up for the annual 4th of July parade (conveniently forgetting my memory card), we headed out for lunch. Take a look!

What a view!!

This is my favorite picture... 

Oh so gracefully flipping my baby hairs.

I hope you can't track boats with this number.

The dock.

That good old low tide.

Exotic flowers.

Tall palm trees.

The oyster path.

OOTD:  Shoes - Rack Room, Shorts - Target, Shirt - Goodwill

The pedicure is still going strong!

Cornhole??  OH YES.

American flag nails!  Tutorial here.  Another bucket list item checked off!

I hope you had an amazing day complete with swimming, parades, barbecues, fireworks and all that this great country has to offer!

Much Love!

Sydney xx



  1. I really liked the picture of Lori and Bryce! Hope you all are having fun! Enjoyed the pics! Love you! : )

  2. I love these pictures so great! I love your blog and can't wait to keep reading xoxo


    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy the pictures :)


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